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You can change the application's appearance via the Appearance tab.

Appearance tab

The Skin group contains 32 positions that let you modify the look of Hot Alarm Clock.

In the Grid Options group, you can see the buttons for customizing grids containing the list of alarms, timers, or other items. For more details, see the Customizing Grids section.

Aero Visual Style
This toggle button lets you apply the Windows style to Hot Alarm Clock's main window.
Application menu
This toggle button lets you add an additional tab (which will appear to the left of the Main Menu tab). By selecting that tab, you can access more features and information, including the application's registration data and the Import button.

You can change the layout of buttons on the ribbon and on the status bar. You can also add or remove any buttons. To do that, right-click any button on the ribbon and select More Commands... in the popup menu.

Customize commands

That will open a special dialog box with all toolbars and commands, and the Ribbon, the Status Bar, and the Quick Access Toolbar will switch to the edit mode. When you are satisfied with the changes, close the dialog box.

To restore the initial layout of buttons, open the Options dialog box and click Restore Defaults.