To-do list helps you quickly plan your daily activities that can be done at your convenience. If you need to specify a date and time for a task, use the Reminder field.

To-Do List

Via the grid, you can easily add, edit, or remove tasks, or to mark them as done. By default, all tasks are grouped by the Group field and sorted by Priority. You can change grouping or sorting, and also set a filter to hide the completed tasks from the list. For more details about handling lists, see the Customize Lists section.

For any task, you can define additional parameters via the dialog box that opens when you click the Edit button.

Task Settings

Indicates whether a task is completed. Completed tasks are stricken out when displayed in the list.
Task description. This text is also displayed in the Reminder window when the alarm goes off.
A group the task belongs to. You can select an existing group, or enter a new group name. This field is handy for grouping tasks in the grid.
You can assign one of the following five priorities to a task: Highest, High, Normal, Low, Lowest.
You can choose a color to be used for highlighting a row in the grid.
You can specify a date and time for a task. When the time comes, the Reminder window describing the task will be displayed, and the predefined sound will be played. The time is also used for the Countdown timer in a floating window.
Play sound
If this checkbox is checked, a sound will be played at the time specified in the Reminder field.

For more details about setting Sound or a Countdown for the task, see the respective section.