Stopwatches are used for counting time and can be handy for physical exercises, sporting events, cooking, and so on.

While a stopwatch counts time, you can also register laps (intermediate times). For example, if you are using a stopwatch at a race, you can register the time when each runner finishes. You can change the text in the Lap column to quickly identify runners.


You can set a name for the current lap, start a lap with the same name and delete any selected lap.

You can set up additional stopwatch parameters via the Options tab:

Stopwatch Options

Stopwatch description.
Layout and Font
Specify the format for displaying digits, and select the font for the stopwatch window. For more details, see the Floating Windows section.
Hours, Minutes, and Seconds
Here you can change the stopwatch's current value or set its initial value.
Turn on metronome (ticking every second)
This option activates the built-in metronome when the window is visible.
You can change the sound of the metronome by changing the Metronome.wav file.
You can set the system-wide hotkeys for some actions: Start/Stop, Add Lap, Reset. These hotkeys will work in all applications.

Click the Report button to open the report window with diagrams:

Stopwatch Report