This article lists the keyboard shortcuts that you can use with Hot Alarm Clock.

Open this Online Help in a web browser F1
Switch to Alarms CTRL+1
Switch to Timers CTRL+2
Switch to Clocks CTRL+3
Switch to Stopwatches CTRL+4
Switch to To-do List CTRL+5
Switch to Birthdays CTRL+6
Switch to Calendar CTRL+7
Go to the Search box CTRL+F
Create an item in current group CTRL+N
Create an alarm SHIFT+CTRL+A
Create a timer SHIFT+CTRL+T
Create a clock SHIFT+CTRL+C
Create a stopwatch SHIFT+CTRL+S
Create a task SHIFT+CTRL+D
Create a birthday SHIFT+CTRL+B
Open selected item F2 or CTRL+ENTER
Copy/Clone selected item CTRL+C
Delete selected item CTRL+D or CTRL+DEL
Enable/Disable selected item (Start/Stop selected timer or stopwatch) F3 or CTRL+E
Apply changes CTRL+S
Collapse or expand a group in the grid LEFT ARROW or RIGHT ARROW, respectively
Select the active tab of the Ribbon and activate the access keys ALT or F10. Press either of these keys again to move back to the document and cancel the access keys.
Move to another tab of the Ribbon ALT or F10 to select the active tab, and then LEFT ARROW or RIGHT ARROW
Minimize or restore the Ribbon CTRL+F1
Display the shortcut menu for the selected command SHIFT+F10
Move the focus to each command in the Ribbon, forward or backward ALT or F10, and then TAB or SHIFT+TAB
Move down, up, left, or right among the items in the Ribbon DOWN ARROW, UP ARROW, LEFT ARROW, or RIGHT ARROW
Activate the selected command or control in the Ribbon SPACE BAR or ENTER