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How can I cancel the Snooze mode for an alarm (or a timer)?
The Snooze mode is reset each time you change any data for the alarm (or timer). Open the edit box for the the alarm, and click OK. You can quickly find the next alarm in the bottom left corner of the main window or via the Info Panel.
Some buttons have disappeared, what can I do?
To restore the application's initial appearance, open the Options dialog box, and click Restore Defaults.

Registration issues

How do you know if your product is registered?
To see the registration status, click the tab in the top left corner, and see the About Hot Alarm Clock section. The registered software doesn't show a trial reminder on program startup.
I have lost my Hot Alarm Clock registration key. Now the software tells that is expired. How can I get my registration key back?
Send an e-mail from the same e-mail address you used when you purchased the license to use Hot Alarm Clock. Please follow the format:
From: (Your-name-here)
E-mail: (Your-e-mail-here)
Request: Please resend me the Product Key